The 20 Hottest Mother's Day Gifts of 2020

Hottest Gifts

Mother’s Day is coming up fast and every mom deserves the very best! We’ve put together a list of the most-wished-for gifts this year to give you some inspiration.

Most of these can only be found online we’ve locked in special discounts and deals. Our advice? Snag these deals now because time is running out and they’ll disappear fast…

1. Peeps – “Carbon NanoTech” Eyewear Cleaner

Seriously, why is it sooo dang hard to get glasses clean? Cloths, wipes, sprays… your shirt… (you know you do it!) You just end up chasing the crud around your lenses.

Peeps cleans lenses unlike anything else on the market.

How? By utilizing the same innovative molecular-carbon cleaning technology used by NASA on their ultra-high-definition optics.

The dual carbon microfiber cleaning pads actually eliminate oil and fingerprints (instead of smearing it around, like cloths and sprays).

When you’re finished cleaning, the patented case recharges the cleaning pads with new carbon molecules for the next use. (Independently lab tested for up to 500 cleanings.)

What we love about Peeps:

  • It works — Peeps cleans perfectly every time without smearing and streaking.
  • It’s trusted by over 12,000 Optometrists, NASA and the U.S. military. Over 1.5 million sold.
  • It’s safe for all lenses — Peeps will never scratch or damage your eyewear.

2. iMemories – Digitize & Save Your Memories Forever

If you’re like me, you have several bins full of old home videos and family photos stashed away, gathering dust. Did you know those precious memories are in danger of being lost forever?

I learned the hard way that VHS tapes lose picture and sound over time, slowly turning to static. Make sure you transfer to digital now so you can preserve and enjoy your family memories on any modern device.

iMemories transfers all of your old home videos, photos and slides to digital so you can re-live and share your memories with family and friends.

To get started, you just send your home movies and photos to iMemories using one of their SafeShip Kits and they do all the work for you. Once digitized, you can download everything to your computer, watch and share online, and even make DVDs/Blu-rays.

iMemories makes a fantastic gift and is always a hit with moms and family!

What we love about iMemories:

  • It’s safe — iMemories has digitized over 15 Million memories and has never lost a single one.
  • It’s quick and easy — you don’t have to sort, organize or label anything, iMemories will organize everything for you.
  • You get all of your originals back, safe and sound.

3. Apple AirPods – All-Day Audio on the Go

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, I’m sure you’ve heard people raving about their AirPods. They’re everywhere now and they’ve quickly become the hottest must-have for iPhone owners and Apple fans.

While wireless headphones are nothing new, Apple raised the bar with compact size, sound quality, battery life, “Hey Siri” access, and now active noise cancellation with AirPods Pro.

What we love about AirPods:

  • They have great sound — Apple set the standard in audio quality for wireless earbuds.
  • Long battery life — up to 5 hours and they charge automatically in the case.
  • Active noise cancellation (Pro) — silence ambient noise so your music sounds better than ever.

4. Bondic – Liquid Plastic “Welder”

Let’s face it, most glues and adhesives kind of suck… They’re messy and they never seem to hold like they should. Bondic isn’t glue.

Bondic was invented by a dentist who was inspired by the incredibly-strong, UV-cured bonding compounds he used on the job. He teamed up with a chemical engineer and together they came up with an ingenious liquid plastic “welding” compound that’s 50X stronger than glue.

You apply the liquid formula to the damaged area, shine the special UV light on it, and in 4 seconds it hardens into a rock-solid layer of clear plastic. You can use it to bond, build, fix and even fill virtually anything. Once hardened, you can sand, shape and paint it.

What we love ​about Bondic:

  • It’s fast — Bondic hardens in 4 seconds with UV light.
  • It’s ridiculously strong and designed to last a lifetime.
  • It works on virtually anything — plastic, metal, wood, glass, ceramics and more.
  • It has 1,500+ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews.

5. KeySmart – The “Next Level” Keychain

I never really thought that keys could be sexy, but I stand corrected. KeySmart has definitely pulled it off!

I hate having a big spiky wad of keys in my pocket that jingles like Santa’s sleigh when I walk, so when I first saw KeySmart I knew I had to have one. (I actually started off with the standard model and I loved it so much I upgraded to the fancier Titanium model.)

Don’t you think it’s time to step up your key chain game?

What we love about KeySmart:

  • It’s compact and comfortable — slips easily into your pocket or purse. No spikes, no jingles.
  • You can attach your car key fob with free loop accessory.
  • It’s fully customizable — fit up to 8 keys (14 with expander), choose from a variety of colors and accessories to suit your taste.
  • Over 2 Million sold!

6. KeySmart PRO – Never Lose Your Keys Again

Just when we thought KeySmart couldn’t get any more awesome, they stepped it up with KeySmart PRO.

The PRO version takes key organization to a new level with integrated Tile™ locator and rechargeable LED flashlight.

What this means is you can now use the Tile™ app on your smartphone to locate your keys (or even use your KeySmart to ring/locate your phone).

What we love about KeySmart PRO:

  • Never lose your keys — see them on a map and make your keys ring with an alert so you can find them in your house.
  • Never lose your phone — it works both ways! You can use KeySmart to ring your lost phone, even if it’s on silent mode.
  • It has a built-in LED flashlight.

7. FIXD – Prevent $1,000s in Car Repairs

If you’ve ever taken your car in for a simple oil change, only to be broadsided with a long list of recommended repairs, it’s easy to feel like you’re being taken advantage of.

FIXD was invented by a group of engineering students at Georgia Tech who were tired of feeling pushed around by auto mechanics. They came up with a way for people to use their smartphones to see what’s going on with their car, in plain English.

Their invention has transformed how millions of people worldwide take care of their vehicles. It’s like having a mechanic in the car with you at all times.

I have three FIXD — one in each of our family’s vehicles. They’re awesome!

What we love about FIXD:

  • It shows you why your “Check Engine” light is on — see what’s wrong, how severe it is, and how much repairs should cost.
  • You can use it to turn off your “Check Engine” light for troubleshooting.
  • It continuously monitors your vehicle — get real-time alerts if any issues are detected.

8. PhotoStick – Instantly Backup Your Photos

When was the last time you backed up your photos? Think about it… If your computer crashed today, how much would you lose?

Everyone knows they should keep backup copies of everything, but few people actually do. (140,000 computers crash every week in the U.S. alone, and data recovery companies make a fortune from people who are desperate to get their precious photo memories back!) …and don’t get me started on “the cloud.”

That’s why an awesome gadget called ThePhotoStick has been hugely popular this past year. It’s the easiest backup solution I’ve seen.

All you do is plug the tiny USB drive into your PC or Mac, hit ‘GO’ and it automatically syncs copies of all your pictures and videos to the drive.

No special software to install, no searching for files by hand through every folder on your computer—ThePhotoStick does it all for you and nothing slips through the cracks or gets lost.

What we love about ThePhotoStick:

  • It backs up your files with one click — ThePhotoStick searches every corner of your computer for you.
  • It holds up to 60,000 photos and videos (and even organizes them for you).
  • No software to install and configure.
  • It removes duplicates — ThePhotoStick automatically filters out duplicates to maximize storage space.

9. ScreenKlean – Keep Your Screens Crystal Clear

“This little piggy had a smudgy iPad.” I admit it… Gunky, finger-printy screens are a huge pet peeve of mine and I’m always trying in vain to wipe off my phone with my shirt to avoid looking like a slob. It never looks clean.

ScreenKlean uses patented carbon molecular technology to safely remove dirt, oil, fingerprints and bacteria from ALL screens. (NASA uses this technology on the International Space Station.)

What we love about ScreenKlean:

  • It works on all screens — smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs and more.
  • It safely removes dirt, fingerprints and bacteria — no smearing or scratching.
  • It keeps your expensive devices looking sharp.

10. AirBolt – Keyless, Trackable Smart Lock

There are so many tech gadgets on the market to protect our most valuable possessions within our homes, but what about when we travel? Everyone’s worst nightmare when traveling is losing their luggage or worse, having something stolen from a checked bag.

That’s why we like the AirBolt Smart Travel Lock. The AirBolt works by syncing to your phone so you can lock, unlock and track your stuff all with the push of a button. There’s even an option to crowdsource your lock’s location if it’s out of range.

What we love about AirBolt:

  • No keys or combinations needed — AirBolt syncs up to a free app so you can lock, unlock, and even track your bags from your smartphone. You can even get a notification when you bag is out of Bluetooth range so you’ll know if it leaves your side.
  • You can open it manually — use the app to create a unique touch sequence that you then tap on the actual lock. It’s a nice alternative to activate in case your phone’s battery dies.
  • It tracks access history and tells you when the AirBolt has been unlocked.
  • It’s TSA-accepted.

11. TikiTunes – Tiki Torch Wireless Speakers

Quite possibly the coolest wireless speaker ever made, TikiTunes is a Bluetooth speaker that also transform the atmosphere with the soothing ambiance of a tiki torch!

And it’s not just a pretty speaker, the sound quality is impressive with surprisingly punchy bass for its size and you can easily pair two speakers together for true stereo sound.

The warm LED light flickers just like real flames and it works with or without music.

What we love about TikiTunes:

  • It’s a crowd-pleaser — people always ask “Wow, where did you get that?!”
  • You can take it everywhere — indoors or outdoors, TikiTunes is dust-tight and water resistant.
  • It plays up to 10 hours on a single charge.

12. FitTrack – Health Tracking Smart Scale

Easily the world’s smartest scale, FitTrack measures, tracks, and trends your health data over time. It’s the first and only scale of its kind. Step on the scale with your bare feet and get 17 real-time measurements. How cool is that?

What we love about FitTrack:

  • It measure and tracks 17 real-time metrics —including Weight, Body Fat Ratio, Hydration Level, Muscle Mass, Body Mass Index, Visceral Fat Index, Subcutaneous Fat, Base Metabolic Rate, Muscle Rate, Bone Mass, Protein Rate, Metabolic Age, Standard Weight, Weight Control, Fat Mass, Weight without Fat, Protein Mass.
  • It’s incredibly accurate — patented Bioelectrical impedance technology and proprietary equations to accurately measure and track.
  • It’s easy to use — the free app works with Apple and Android smartphones and can track up to 8 users. Your whole family can use it!

13. Safety Discs – Protect Yourself on the Road

I don’t consider myself to be paranoid, but having a family has definitely made me more safety conscious, especially with four drivers in our household. I learned that over 1,000 people die every year in roadside accidents, simply because oncoming traffic didn’t see them. That statistic freaked me out.

I don’t know about you, but I surely don’t want something as stupid as changing a flat tire to take the life of someone I love — especially when it’s so easily preventable!

A friend showed me these 1Tac Safety Discs and I think they’re super smart. Many first-responders have started carrying these LED discs because they can be seen from over 5,000 feet away, they’re waterproof, and they’re durable enough to withstand being run over by a truck and still continue to shine.

What we love about 1Tac Safety Discs:

  • They’re impossible to miss — oncoming traffic can see these ultra-bright discs from over 5,000 feet away, and they have 9 different flashing modes.
  • They’re nearly indestructible — strong enough to get run over and still keep shining, they’re waterproof and they float. They’re designed to work in all conditions and never let you down.
  • They’re versatile — place them in the road or use their magnetic bases to stick them on your car.

14. GlowBowl – Turn Your Toilet Into a Night Light

Does this sound familiar? You shuffle your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night and you hit that light switch. BAM! Suddenly it’s like you’re staring at the sun. Good luck getting back to sleep…

GlowBowl transforms your toilet into a soothing night light and completely redeems your night time bathroom experience. It’s a funky concept, but really quite brilliant! Trust me — once you try it you’ll never go back to the “dark ages!”

And if you have kids, you know how they all seem to be scared of dark — especially the bathroom at night. GlowBowl turns ‘potty time’ into ‘party time,’ which can really help with night time fears and potty training!

What we love about GlowBowl:

  • It’s motion activated so you don’t have to fumble for any switch
  • You pick the color and brightness.
  • Kids love it! (Which means no more bugging you with night time bathroom fears.)
  • It has a built-in air freshener so your bathroom smells great.

15. PhotoStick MOBILE – Instantly Backup Photos & Videos Stored on Your Phone

Ever get the dreaded “Cannot Take Photo” message because your phone is full? Yep, me too.

…and if you lost or broke your phone, what pictures and videos would you lose? (Like the time my daughter dropped my iPhone into the Pacific Ocean while on vacation… Every photo from our trip, gone forever.)

ThePhotoStick MOBILE backs up all the photos and videos stored on your smartphone. Boom, easy!

What we love about ThePhotoStick MOBILE:

  • One tap and you’re done. ThePhotoStick MOBILE searches your phone and grabs every photo and video.
  • It works on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.
  • You can backup – or – transfer your files to free up space.

16. EyeQue – Test Your Vision At Home

Wait… you can test your vision and update your prescription glasses at home? Yep! Check out EyeQue.

EyeQue’s patented, award-winning Personal Vision Tracker is the world’s only highly-accurate and affordable at-home vision test. It was invented by MIT graduate and Atomic Physicist, Dr. John Serri.

EyeQue uses MIT-patented technology that’s been extensively tested and proven to be highly accurate. Over 90% of users who ordered glasses said their results were actually better than previous office visit results.

What we love about EyeQue:

  • It’s highly accurate — EyeQue uses breakthrough MIT technology to test your vision and track results over time.
  • It saves you time and money — no expensive doctor visits, co-pays, or uncomfortable exam rooms.
  • It’s safe, comfortable and easy to use — EyeQue and the free app were purposely designed to be very easy and user-friendly. Works with Apple and Android devices.

17. Dodow – Fall Asleep 2.5X Faster

“Busy” has become the new normal and with everything we’ve all got going on in our lives it can be really hard to switch off your mind at night. That’s where Dodow can help.

Dodow is a metronome-light scientifically designed to block out overactive thought patterns and lull you into a deep peaceful sleep 2.5X faster than other methods.

By focusing on Dodow’s mesmerizing rhythmic light, your breathing rate slows, your busy mind quiets down, and you’re quickly lulled into a deep, restful sleep. It also retrains your brain to naturally fall asleep on its own again.

What we love about Dodow:

  • It’s extremely effective — many users report “falling asleep before the 8-minute mode ends.”
  • It restores your natural sleep patterns — Dodow retrains your mind’s natural ability to fall asleep on its own again.
  • It’s easy to use — activate the 8 or 20-minute sleep cycle (shuts off automatically) and dim/brighten the light by the touch-sensitive surface. Plus, it’s cordless so you can use it anywhere (perfect for travel).

18. ChargeHubGO – Charge up to 4 Devices Fast

Mashable calls ChargeHubGO “The only battery pack you’ll ever need.” And we agree!

ChargeHubGO is the ONLY portable charger that features patented SmartSpeed® Technology and a wireless charging pad for super-fast, convenient charging. (Plus having two built-in charging cables is awesome.)

What we love about ChargeHubGo:

  • It’s universally compatible — works with iPhones, iPads, Samsungs, Google Pixels, LGs and more.
  • It’s small but mighty — 5000 mAh battery capacity provides plenty of juice for charging.
  • Charge wired or wireless — use it as a wireless charging pad to top off your phone or plug in while on the go.
  • It has 2 built-in charging cables — less stuff to carry around and never get stuck without a cable.

19. Neck Hammock – Relieve Neck Pain in Minutes

I have to admit, when I first saw The Neck Hammock I thought “what the heck is THAT thing?”

But then I watched their video…

As someone who’s struggled with neck pain on and off for years, the gentle neck decompression provided by The Neck Hammock looked pretty heavenly — and reviews were good — so I bought one to try.

It’s been awesome! The sensation is hard to describe… it kind of feels like your head is floating while your neck is gently stretched and tension is relieved. For me, a 5–10 minute session is all it takes to kill my neck pain and headaches.

What we love about Neck Hammock:

  • It relieves pain and tension fast — 10 minutes or less for most.
  • It’s easy to use — connect to any door or railing and take it anywhere with its compact spandex carrying pouch.
  • 95% of reviewers give it “⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”

20. BetterBack – Fight Back Pain and Bad Posture

Back pain sucks. But if you suffer with it, you don’t need me to tell you how awful it is. When your back is acting up, it hurts to stand… it hurts to sit… it hurts to walk… it even hurts to lie down.

You may recognize BetterBack from the deal they landed on SharkTank. They invented a simple device that corrects your posture and relieves back pain in 15 minutes or less. It also retrains your body’s muscle memory to help prevent pain from recurring.

Pretty cool, right? Lori from SharkTank liked it so much she invested in the company.

What we love about BetterBack:

  • It relieves pain fast, guaranteed —  if you don’t love it for any reason, simply return it hassle-free.
  • It corrects posture — using BetterBack while sitting retrains muscle memory for better posture and pain prevention.
  • 92% of reviewers give it “⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”

21. Safety Siren Alarm – Instant Attacker Defense

This simple key chain could save your life. It’s the 1Tac Safety Siren and it’s small but mighty! Pull the pin and it puts out an ear-splitting alarm that scares off attackers and thieves.

Even if you’re walking to your car in a dimly-lit parking lot, you’re never really alone. 100,000+ are calling this simple device their “invisible bodyguard.”

What we love about Safety Siren:

  • It’s effective — the ear-splitting 125 dB alarm scares off attackers and signals for help.
  • It’s easy to use — no special skills or training, just pull the pin to set off the alarm.
  • Anyone can use it — peace of mind for women, men, teens and kids.

22. StankStix – Remove Nasty Odors Fast

You may have heard about the incredibly powerful (and natural) germ-fighting powers of silver — yep, the precious metal. StankStix leverage that power to absorb and eliminate the strongest of odors around your home.

StankStix are so effective they won Shark Tank and Today Show’s “Next Big Thing.”

What we love about StankStix:

  • They’re 100% natural — no toxic chemicals or sprays and they’re completely safe, even around pets.
  • They work great — the silver-infused inserts stop 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria.
  • Use them anywhere — shoes, boots, sports equipment, gym bags, cars, garbage cans, kitchen cabinets, litter boxes, and more.

23. Amazon Echo – Smart Speaker with Voice Control

“Alexa… how are you so awesome?”

Chances are you know at least one person who has an Amazon Echo (or 2 or 3), and those who have one say they can’t live without it. (I know… 1st world problems, right?)

Seriously though, Echo is pretty amazing. Amazon has truly led the way with “smart home” technology and voice recognition. Even if you’re not up to speed with the whole smart home thing and only use the Echo for playing music, $99 is a steal.

Echo makes a great gift for anyone because of its super-wide appeal — and even if they already have one, you can be sure they’d love to have another one in their house. Learn More

What we love about Echo:

  • It has great sound — the latest 3rd gen speaker is now powered by Dolby to play 360° audio with crisp vocals and dynamic bass response.
  • It obeys your commands — voice control your music, lights, thermostats and more.
  • It’s widely supported — with tens of thousands of skills and counting, Alexa is always getting smarter and works with thousands of devices.

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