Keep Screens Crystal Clear With ‘Smart’ Carbon Technology

The world’s most advanced screen cleaning solution.

  • Patented Carbon Technology safely removes direct, oil, and fingerprints.
  • Works on all screens — smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs and more.
  • Kills bacteria
  • Over 650,000 sold.



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Over 650,000 Sold and Counting!

Traditional cloths & sprays smear, smudge & even scratch your screens. But ScreenKlean’s ‘smart’ carbon molecule actually ATTRACTS and lifts away dirt & grime from your screen — so each cleaning leaves your screen bursting with the HD clarity you expect! No dirty cloths. No messy sprays. Over 650K Already Sold & Counting!

  • Patented Carbon Technology — EMOVES dirt, oil, & fingerprints so your screen is crystal clear after every cleaning!
  • Long Lasting — Each pad super cleans your screens 100s of times!
  • Easy Cleaning — Simply sliding the carbon pad back into the recharging station cleans & ‘recharges’ the pad for your next use.
  • Works On ALL Screens — Easily clean your smartphones, computers, tablets, TV screens and more!
  • Fights Bacteria — Advanced carbon technology safely & effectively combats bacteria buildup on your touchscreens!
  • Earth Friendly — Carbon pads are environmentally friendly with no harmful chemicals or toxins commonly found in liquid cleaners.
  • NO-Scratch Pads — Unlike micro-cloths that can scratch, the ultra-soft carbon pads are 100% safe to use on ALL your expensive screens.
  • Travel Friendly — Small compact size makes ScreenKlean super portable.
  • Many Colors — Variety of colors to choose from for your friends and family… Makes a great gift!
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee & 1-Year Warranty